Again, miss-use of the word.

The moment all of you tech geeks have been waiting for: the first ever robot wedding took place in Japan on June 27. Crowds paid $81 to witness the historic occasion.

The ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ are Frois, a robotic creation from iconic company Maywa Denki, and humanoid Yukirin, an android made in the likeness of a Japanese pop idol Yuki Kashiwagi, and developed by Takayuki Todo.

The robots officially tied the knot in a full wedding ceremony, complete with a cake, a (robot) wedding band and even a kiss.

Marrying the robotic couple was likewise a robot – Pepper, who was developed by Aldebaran for Softbank. It actually tends to customers’ needs on a daily basis at the company’s mobile phone stores in Tokyo.

I’m not sure how to take this, mocking the institution of marriage or a poke at gay “marriage”.  Then I realized, it’s just the Japanese again.  The land of young girls who wear their panties on their heads and office workers pay for a nap at midday with their heads on the lap of a pretty girl.

Nuked too much or not enough?


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