Reservoir of Infection


Ebola is found in doctor’s eye months after it was gone from blood; no virus in tears though

The Associated Press

Dr. Steven Yeh, removed some of the fluid and tested it for Ebola. It did in fact contain the virus, but it was not present in his tears or the tissue around his eye.

Doctors believed he did not pose a risk of infecting other people, but Yeh said the case shows that survivors of the deadly virus should be monitored for possible eye infection. It is not known how long this condition can last. The infection caused an inflammation of the inside of his eye.

Besides the problems with his vision, his iris changed color, going from blue to green 10 days after the symptoms were first detected. After undergoing treatment with a variety of medicines, Crozier began to recover his vision but it is still not complete. And his eye color returned to normal.


Host of Ailments Plague African Ebola Survivors

Many now declared free of virus face eye disease and vision loss

As many as 40% of Monrovia’s roughly 1,000 Ebola survivors have some form of eye disease, said John Fankhauser, deputy medical director of Monrovia’s Elwa Hospital and lead physician of an Ebola survivors’ clinic

Are you aware that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is not over?  From hundreds of cases a week it is now about 10 to 50 official cases.  If the (not common ability or skill) fluid in the eyes of the afflicted in West Africa were to be tested, would they also find the Ebola virus?

Since we have at least one survivor in the United States that has tested positive for the Ebola virus can we still say that the disease is not here?

Have we found the reservoir in which the virus hides in-between outbreaks, and is it… us?

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