Bad Barbarian Boys (from 2014)

In Iraq, captured Yazidi women fear the Islamic State will force them to wed

Hundreds of Yazidi women who were captured by Islamic extremists during their sweep through the town of Sinjar are being incarcerated at scattered locations across northern Iraq in what increasingly looks like a deliberate attempt to co-opt them into service as the wives of fighters.

Islam allows men to have multiple wives (unspoken tenet is if they can afford it) and with equal numbers of males and females being born some men will never have access to a wife.  Historically the Muslims have corrected that sad fact by raiding other tribes or lands and stealing women. Along with anything not tied down.  In the history of many western countries, if their ancestors passed through the barbarian phase, they did the same thing. But they pretty much got it out of their systems a thousand years ago, more or less.

Islam never did.  The first naval action of the US Navy was the punitive mission to suppress the Barbary Pirates (Muslims). When the western nations became too strong and dangerous to provoke, Muslims, such as Barack Obama’s grandfathers,  continued to operate a sweet little business in Africa, catching Africans and marching them to the coast to sell to the purveyors of that civilized abomination.  Bringing Africans to Chicago and Detroit to vote Democratic.  (After a period of forced labor in the South to pay for their passage.)

Slavery and the capture of other human beings for sex or labor continued in the Muslim world without interruption to this day.  Although it was mainly reduced to a few small areas of the world.   Until now.  In the areas controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, non-Muslim women and girls are being kidnapped, raped or murdered.  Also in Africa (still remember #Bring home our girls??) and in southeast Asia.

The barbarians of Islam are on the march, forget Ronald Reagan, where’s Charles the Hammer?  Roland? El Cid? John of Austria?  General Gordan?

What we have today isn’t peace, it’s a brief interlude won by the superior arms and military skills of our Western forefathers. The Islamist are quite forthcoming on their belief that everything that they controlled before with be theirs again.
Why don’t we play the same game? Take back all the lands on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Drive them back into the dessert.

Our new motto, “This Time, No More Mr. Nice Guy!”.


This picture is an oil painting that isn’t just classical art, its war propaganda. It depicts an actual raid on the coast of Italy, probably the port city of Vieste (1554AD) in which hundreds of young men and women were enslaved. The corsairs then murdered 5,000 inhabitants deemed to young or too old to bother carrying back to Africa.

BARBARINA-CRUELTY-FRONTCOVER-web2 the-slave-market-3

The thing about the Knights Militant and the Crusades; they were defensive actions or punitive strikes against an hated, cruel and failed way of life.  Islam.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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  2. I’ve been corrected that Obama’s fathers didn’t sell slaves to the Americas on the West Coast of Africa, but to Arabia from the East Coast. That’s probably correct and worse to be a slave going to Arabia then a slave that went west.


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