Revert to Type.

Two years later I look back at that day before the Presidential Election of 2012, (or the day this Administration became The Regime) now we know there was so much more going on then we realized. Benghazi was only the tip of the iceberg. That election could have been won (Romney probably did win, if angels had counted the ballots); but there was the illegal IRS interference with Conservative political groups, the flagrant vote stealing in the key precincts in key states (the one Ohio poll worker stupid enough to go to jail only did so because she boasted on TV about her cheating and is already out, released by a corrupt Democrat judge.)
Obama’s popularity peaked with the election, almost two years later and he has reached the bottom of the polls and is digging himself deeper. Doesn’t matter of course, he’s run his last election. You have to give his handlers credit, perfect management. By fair means or foul, they pushed him up just high enough and let the vote stealers finish the job. Proving any of it means nothing now, after all who are you going to give your evidence to? Eric Holder?   Meanwhile the Democratic machine gears up to push the next empty suit dress chair.
As a recent post on another blog said, that election did something very dangerous. It destroyed our faith in the honesty and truthfulness of the fundamental institutions of American politics and government. Government agencies aren’t supposed to interfere on one side of a election, to favor one person or party over another even before the election is held. The IRS, the FBI, the Census Bureau, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General of the United States all did. And got caught, and then the Main Stream Media looked the other way.

What the Democrats, the Progressives and their cronies have forgot is something very dangerous and very important. When the people of a country can no longer trust their government and it’s institutions; the vote, their retirement, the political impartiality of public schools even the GD Federal Census. Then they act. Do you think that so many hundreds of men and women (some armed, most not) traveled so far over mountains and onto the empty plains because they just liked rancher Bundy or thought his grievance with the BLM was so important? Or were they angry, frustrated and hungry for the chance to do something, if necessary something violent.
We who are here in the USA are the descendants of those who built this country over the course of centuries. Many of our antecedents were violent, greedy, prejudiced, hard working, God fearing men and women. The phrase “Revert to type” means to resume characteristics that were thought to have disappeared,  I can feel myself reverting to type now. But I can’t tell if I’m going with the Irish Brawlers whose surname means “Strong in Battle”, or something else. But if the put upon working class in this country have actually given up on this government and most of it’s leaders and if enough of us “Revert to Type“. It’s going to get ugly.

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About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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