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Why Can’t I Find .22 LR Ammunition?!?!?

Written by Sierra Bullets Vice-President of Sales Matt Reams

You hear all kind of numbers about how many firearms owners are in the USA, but you hear 70-80 million quite often. So for the sake of us not arguing that number – let’s cut it to 35 million. Do you know a gun owner that does not own at least one firearm chambered in .22 LR? Do you know any that are not looking for .22 LR ammo or would at least buy some if they saw it for normal prices? How many would they buy when they found it? A lot – right? But again, just to keep the argument on the low end, let’s say they would all be satisfied with just a single 500 pack. 35 million multiplied by 500 .22 LR rounds for them all – is 17.5 BILLION rounds. Let that sink in. Even at 25 million rounds being made PER DAY – that is 1.92 years’ worth of production.

Quite a few shooters in the United States, pity they all don’t vote.  The welfare a’holes all vote, quite often. As often as they can, three, four times (one black chick in Ohio voted eight times for Barack Obama).  So why is it that so many gun owners can’t vote even once?

In Connecticut, the blatantly unconstitutional law banning most previously legal semi-automatic guns has resulted in massive civil disobedience with most gun owners refusing to comply.   And firing up the anti-gun-control forces in the state.

Connecticut weekend gun rally features game-changing speech, fired-up crowd

Estimates of the crowd varied from 3,000 to 5,000 — which would have gotten the it on the national news if if it had been a pro-abortion rally in Austin, Texas, of course, but doesn’t merit a word in the Connecticut-covering New York Times.


“We can fight off a tyrannical government,” he told the crowd. “That’s the reason for the Second Amendment.”

And as to incidents of violence like the Sandy Hook massacre? Kimball said government restrictions aren’t the answer. Armed and trained teachers are.

“If you really want to protect the children, you abolish ‘gun-free’ zones in the United States of America,” he said.

Government over-reach, refusal to obey the law or the Constitution,  bypassing the legislative process and ruling through agency rule-making, fiat declarations and Executive Orders.  We are beyond King George, we are into the rule of the God-King and his court.   That didn’t end well as I remember.


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