Doug: Liking bike race

Bike riding to the nth degree. Take a deep breath and remember to breathe.

SemperFi signatureDoug

One of the craziest downhill mountain bike races you will ever experience. Check out the first person view from Marcelo’s Contour+2.

The most crowded urban downhill race ever, insane track, sweet stair gaps, huge jumps, high speed sections, tight sections is what Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2013 was all about.

So stoked about winning, was definitely a tight race, also a tough one. Race times were close and such a good number of top riders went to this event.

Honestly I was struggling with my fear during practice, looking at all those huge jumps; jumps without safety decks were making me have a hard time specially knowing that the WC season is coming soon.

Thanks to everybody who helped me win this race, special thanks to RedBull Chile, Giant Chile, Tiago Souza, Julio and Victor VCA for the invitation.

Ps. Check out how I almost died on the last wall ride, landing over the right edge.

Marcelo G.
Giant-Redbull Rider

John: Why touch the ground at all?

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