Immigration may have cost the Republicans the last election.

Since the Black voters in this country have declared themselves owned, body and soul, by the Democratic party. Even after four years of an administration that has allowed black unemployment, black foreclosures, black drop in real wealth at worse levels than experienced by Whites, Latins or Asians over the same period. So voting completely against their own interests and future. Therefore… There is no point for Republicans or Conservatives to do anything specifically for the African-American block of voters. Don’t woo them, don’t waste money advertising in their districts, don’t make deals with Black politicians who wouldn’t honor their agreements anyway.

A more important (non-white) group of voters, now larger than the African-American percentage and growing, is the Latinos.

They are, in the opinion of many, natural allies and should be part of the base constituents of the GOP as they were in Florida for many years. As has been said, but needs to be said again; the Latinos are hard working (with the exception of those that the conservatives have shoved into the orbit of and put under the tutelage  of the Democrats), naturally conservative (not generally fans of Gay Marriage or Abortion), Christian (and do the Europeans envy us that!).  Latinos should be becoming the demographic counterweight to the Black monolith. The country needs them to become that counterweight.  But they are not and the reason why is that Latinos feel themselves attacked, insulted and dismissed as unimportant, especially by conservatives.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

We have an open border, I’ve always felt that was a dangerous mistake. Other people and “things” can come up through that border besides Mexican immigrants, very bad things since 911. But the dialogue concerning that border sounds very anti-Latino to them and they are justified to think so. So in Congress, the Democrats have handy target to throw mud at and the Republicans make little progress but do draw the issue out endlessly.

Immigration is a mess. It has been since Ted Kennedy and the Democrats got their version of Immigration “Reform” passed in 1965. (Other even worse immigration bills followed) That bill was the stupidest single act of the US Congress in our history. Introducing the new immigration goal of providing economic and political asylum and discarding the principal of selecting for new applicants with useful skills and established affinity with the principals of Democracy and knowledge of our common language. So many Americans have been wiggling and making faces every since in protest of the loss of the comfortable and mostly unified culture that older Americans can still remember.

And the Latinos are getting the feeling that they are being blamed for everything that goes wrong in this country. Hey! Congress changed the immigration law (several times), in response they poured in looking for a better life with the agricultural areas of the country screaming “Come on Up!” But it turned out that we built a highway with no toll booths or stop lights. Now it seems that more of them have showed up than we are comfortable with…and that’s their fault?

Now The Divider-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is again bypassing Congress to implement more amnesty for immigrants, mostly Latinos, who entered the country illegally. Interesting! This week a Federal Court struck down one of Barry’s usurpations of power regarding recess Federal appointments (while Congress wasn’t actually recessed).  Some Conservatives think that this latest example of Executive over-reach is another thumb in Congresses eye, many Liberals think he is expending political capital to reward supporters that helped re-elect him.  I think he couldn’t care less if this (or any) executive order is overturned or not. Neither do I think he’s doing this for the benefit of a single Latino.  What he is doing is teasing the dumb animals to bark on command (i.e. The Republicans). Very reliable, and their barking will annoy the neighborhood (the Latino voters). Then as in the coming months and years Barry continues to implement policies that the Conservatives and the Latinos would abhor jointly, (if they weren’t snapping at each other), he gets to tear down the Republic.

My feeling is this. The last election was a disaster. The Republicans lost, the Conservatives lost, the Latinos lost (whether they realize it or not). Business lost, families lost, National Defense lost BIG.  As the Bitch from San Francisco pointed out, “Elections have consequences.”.   SO…maybe America can live with more walk-in immigration and the Republicans and Conservatives can Shut The Fuck Up about the supposed harm the Latino/Hispanic immigrants are doing in this country. Legalize them, identify them and let them join the happy ranks of American taxpayers. Give them a stake in this country and then maybe their natural values and interests will turn them into an ally against the real enemy.  The Caliph on the Potomac and the 253 thieves.

happy NEW tax year



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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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  1. Very scary! As I posted this, WordPress informed me that this is the 666th post I’ve put up on this blog.


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