To the girls we’ve loved not to wisely or too well…

Drive-In Movies Nearly Extinct as Studios Move to Stop Distributing 35-Millimeter Prints

Studios are moving to stop distributing 35-millimeter film prints. Converting to digital is an expense many theaters in the fading drive-in industry can’t afford.

In most of the country, drive-ins close for the winter. Some may not reopen this spring because of the high cost of digital conversion, said John Vincent Jr., the president of the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Assn. He declined to speculate on the number that may close.

None of the eight operating drive-in theaters in Southern California have yet converted to digital.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow,” Vincent said. He plans to spend $75,000 to convert the drive-in he owns on Cape Cod.

Where are teen-age boys going to go? Making out in the back seat of a Chevy is an American Institution!! BIM-BLD083995 - © - Take A Pix Media

I blogged about this digital conversion earlier…

But I didn’t realize that it was going to hit Drive-in Theaters so hard, sorry baby!tumblr_m7b0vuF4h31qj92xeo1_500


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