The 71st and Final Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders.

Doolittle Raiders fans flock to meet their heroes


Doolittle Raider Staff Sgt. David Thatcher, left, shakes hands with Alexis Edwards, 5, and her mother Michelle Edwards and father Brian Edwards, back, during an autograph session at the Air Force Armament Museum.

At an emotional meeting last fall, the four surviving Raiders decided this reunion would be their last public gathering. The events have drawn crowds for decades.

Cole said he hadn’t given much thought to what it meant for this year’s reunion to be the final one.

“At this stage in the game I’m pretty much taking it a day at a time,” he joked.

Tom Casey, the Raiders’ manager, said it’s hard for them to say what it is like to have their last reunion.

“It probably won’t hit them until after we leave Eglin, but if it had to be done, this is where over 71 years ago it began, and it’s a perfect place to end it.”


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1 Response to The 71st and Final Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders.

  1. One of the best autobiography’s I ever read was General Jimmy Dolittle’s book (and it had the greatest title too!): “I could never be that lucky again.”
    We can never thank these men enough.


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