Non-Government Poll to deport Piers Morgan.

The cause celeb for those who don’t want to have to sign-in to  (I certainly don’t…)

Piers Morgan (A British Citizen), exchange with Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

Pratt:  Your [Great Britain] violent crime rate is higher than ours as is the violent crime rate in Australia.  America is not the Wild West that you are depicting.  We only have the problem in our cities, and unhappily, in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves.  I honestly don’t understand why you would rather have people be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves.  It’s incomprehensible.

Morgan:  You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?

Pratt:  The Second Amendment means what it says, and meanwhile, you want to continue laws against self-defense.  Laws that prohibit self-defense.  Laws that prohibit teachers and other faculty, other members of the administration in schools from being able to defend themselves if they have a concealed carry permit.  The laws prohibit them right now.  We have been lobbying against those laws since they were put on.  We will continue to do so, pointing out that this is where the problem is.  And for you to support them means that you’re really blind to the role that that plays in enabling murderers to operate with impunity.

Morgan:  Yes, I know — I know why sales of these weapons have been soaring in the last few days.  It’s down to idiots like you

Agree, or Dis-agree.

Piers Morgan, “Be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

Then he can go home and make insulting remarks about the Queen, if he dares.


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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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2 Responses to Non-Government Poll to deport Piers Morgan.

  1. Doug says:

    This Moron guy’s arrogance has blinded him so completely. He just doesn’t have a lick of sense.


  2. I’ve been reading that Morgan’s rating have been so low that the influx of people he has pissed off, who are only interested in seeing what else this idiot has to say, have greatly boosted his ratings.


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