I ask the question, where are the autopsy reports on Benghazi?

I search the Web and I can find very few people asking why three months after the attack and murders in Libya there are no autopsies published for the four American dead. One of the few I have found, from Florida.

Benghazi debacle still puzzles

Every TV newsperson should be falling all over themselves trying to be the first to get an exclusive interview. Yet we hear nothing, see nothing and know nothing. We still don’t have a public autopsy report on Ambassador Stevens or the three other Americans who were murdered that Sept. 11 in Benghazi. Why?

The columnist makes a good point, why no interviews from ANY of the American survivors? There are they, why aren’t they talking? Now that the election is over and its too late to do Obama any damage, why are the facts still being covered up.

Of course, Obama hasn’t really stopped campaigning, is still collecting money and still has his MSM cronies covering up for him.  Is that because he intends to continue ruling by executive decree and bureaucratic fiat?

At last report, Hilliary’s “concussion” has developed a blood clot. Life threatening? Wow! What does she know? 580832



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