Should Police in Battledress be banned?

“Bad Cops Rising” – Wild Bill

If I’m on a jury in the case of a homeowner, (any homeowner, black, white or brown) charged with shooting a police officer after that officer broke in through any entrance to the house and if that officer at the time was not wearing his regular police uniform, I will hold that defendant Not Guilty.

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2 Responses to Should Police in Battledress be banned?

  1. thirdnews says:

    The problem is the proliferation of using SWAT and military tactics for self-injurious crimes along the lines of drug use, and non-violent criminal complaints:

    “SWAT team deployments began to take off in the 1980s. … Eastern Kentucky University (Peter) Kraska computed that a few hundred raids occurred annually in the late 1970s. The number grew in the early 1980s to 3,000 annual SWAT deployments. By 2005—the most recent data available—Kraska said the number is 50,000 raids per year, according to (Radley) Balko.”

    Along with the police wanting to ‘play soldier’ is the growth of the criminal element imitating their tactics. Police uniforms and badges are available on the internet; how would a homeowner reasonably know if they were police? Law enforcement needs to return to their mandate, less innocent people, and animals will be shot in their own homes.


  2. Then I assume you are aware of this story;
    or this,
    And the infamous murder of Kathryn Johnson by Atlanta police.
    That case is of special interest, an criminal informant (when he realized what the APD were asking him to do) not only refused to go along but turned them in.


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