Doug: The Truth about Hydraulic Fracturing, A.K.A “Fracking”

Obama’s Science Advisor agrees with experts: Fracking has never contaminated drinking water

“The study released today by Battelle—a highly respected independent science and technology organization—identifies numerous concerns with EPA’s ongoing hydraulic fracturing study.  Battelle’s comprehensive technical review found widespread problems with EPA’s study design, implementation, and quality control processes.  The Battelle report provides many constructive recommendations that EPA can undertake to improve the transparency, quality and ultimate value of its study.  I hope and expect that EPA will work hard to address Battelle’s recommendations, and I look forward to following up with EPA on the status of this effort in the coming weeks.”

So much for the “Gas Land” bologna.



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One Response to Doug: The Truth about Hydraulic Fracturing, A.K.A “Fracking”

  1. A.K.A. “Fracking”…Fracking is not the nickname used by the professional engineers or drilling companies to refer to hydraulic fracturing. It was, if I remember correctly, a derogatory phrase coined by The New York Times. Perhaps they stole it from the nihilistic SF show “Battlestar Galactica” in which it was a sly placeholder for profanity.
    Remember “Pink Slime“? Once the media had successfully tagged the product “Finely textured meat product” with that descriptor it was dead. No further logic or argument required. Never let your enemy control the battleground or the descriptive language. You can’t fight back with his words in your mouth.

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