Great Comment, what’s Lucas doing now that he doesn’t make movies?

OK, here’s the comment of the week found within a review of the movie “Battleship”…

“Besides, who would want to see a movie called Littoral Combat Ship?”

Take more than two seconds to figure out, which is which?

From Coyote, I love this one…

These aren’t the Droids we’re looking for.

These Aren’t The Low-Income Families We’re Looking For

George Lucas is tired of fighting Marin County over developing his land there for business use.  This may be unfair, because I don’t really know much about George Lucas’s politics, but my bet is that he is a typical wealthy liberal who supported all these sorts of restrictions on everyone else, until they applied to him.  Anyway, he is pushing a new plan, one sure to highlight the absolute hypocrisy of more-liberal-than-thou Marin County residents  (NYT via Reason)

Mr. Lucas said he would sell the land to a developer to bring “low income housing” here.

“It’s inciting class warfare,” said Carolyn Lenert, head of the North San Rafael Coalition of Residents.

Mr. Lucas said in an e-mail that he only wanted “to do something good for Marin,” waving away accusations of ulterior motives.

“I’ve been surprised to see some people characterize this as vindictive,” he said, adding that there was a “real need” for affordable housing here. “I wouldn’t waste my time or money just to try and upset the neighbors.”

Whatever Mr. Lucas’s intentions, his announcement has unsettled a county whose famously liberal politics often sits uncomfortably with the issue of low-cost housing and where battles have been fought over such construction before.

Complete post from…Which I don’t usually do, however it was too short to excerpt.

I have to laugh…

Facebook Shares Hit New Lows, Investors Complain

Facebook shares continue to drop to new lows, wiping out more than $11 billion off the social network’s market value as investor complaints grow louder, Aaron Lucchetti reports on Markets Hub. Photo: AFP/Getty Images. (Video)

No truth to the rumor that the company will change it’s name to “Face-plant”.


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