Visit Enchanted George Anderson Forest

So I received a invitation in the (E)mail from the NSRWA, which is a group I joined last month during the Annual River Cleanup and at which I had a very nice time, despite being mistaken for a criminal. (What would assume about someone picking trash on the side of 3A wearing a orange vest?)

Oh yes! the invitation…

Visit the Enchanted George Anderson Forest, Rockland Sunday at 1 pm

This walk is the second in our Exploring the Outer Limits of our watershed series.  Did you know that the entire watershed of the North and South Rivers encompasses 12 towns, 93 square miles or 59,000 acres? Come with us to explore some of the farthest reaches and most fascinating places that you didn’t even know you were connected to by water!

Each walk is FREE for NSRWA members – $5 for non-members. Children are welcome, but please leave your dog at home. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. 

Thinking about doing several walks with us? Consider becoming a member of the NSRWA! The benefits are clearly worth it!

I attended and am very glad I did, first I give my legs a workout instead of my paddling arms and shoulders, second I got to use the Nikon instead of the waterproof Pentax. The Nikon gives me more latitude and control of the images when I don’t have to be afraid of getting it wet. I will have to return here soon with my camera and take more photos, I like what I got, but the walk’s pace was a little brisk so these images are more “snappish” than “composed”. But it is a magical place.

The charming thing about this forest is the way that volunteers have added many whimsical touches and used small toys and objects in a way that validate the title “The Enchanted George Anderson Forest”.

Visitor participation is definitely encouraged. Rock Art, which is the  artfully stacking of stones and rocks in an aesthetically pleasing way is encouraged.

What most impressed me was the shear amount of volunteer work that has gone into building these trails.

If you are able to contribute (physically or monetarily  the project is still ongoing…

George Anderson Forest located  off North Ave (Rt 139)in Rockland, Massachusetts. Tel: (781) 878-6370

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