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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson apologize for a rush to judgement in the Treyvon Martin case! (Photos)…by Michael Haltman at TPC

Brother, do I crack myself up!!

Of course not! They are still, like the Florida public prosecutor, still calling for Mr. Zimmerman to plead guilty…to save the area from riots.

Alan Dershowitz for the defense…

New Evidence is Consistent with George Zimmerman’s Self Defense Claim

…It’s about time for the prosecutor to start doing hers.

Speaking of doing their job, the New York Times’ “reporting” on the case has been generally biased against Zimmerman. It has suggested that if the police had done their job properly the evidence would point to Zimmerman’s guilt.  Moreover, it included in its reporting an inflammatory item of uncorroborated gossip.  This is what it said:

“The reports may give rise to other mysteries as well, including the identity of a woman who called another investigator, less than two full days after the shooting.

The woman refused to identify herself or give any callback numbers, but told the investigator that Mr. Zimmerman “has racist ideologies and that he is fully capable of instigating a confrontation that could have escalated to the point of Zimmerman having to use deadly force.”

I think the New York Times should ask itself whether it would have published the contents of a phone call from an unidentified person that made similar inflammatory charges against Trayvon Martin.  I believe that the publication of such unsourced gossip—which would be totally inadmissible in any trial—violates the New York Times’ own policies.  It has some explaining to do.

The explanation is easy, they’re the New York Times.

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