What a Fluke (name correction) plus update, Bozo, Unemployment.

Got Slut? The Left Launches a Coordinated Attack Against Rush Limbaugh

Meanwhile, Iran still is moving ahead with their plans for nuclear terrorism, gas prices are poised to hit $5/gal. and real inflation is moving toward 10%. And Obama wants free contraceptives. Happy to see that Democrats have their heads screwed on straight.

O.K. Let me see if I understand the new party line from Right-Wing Central.

It’s all right to mock Susan Sandra Fluke” for demanding free contraceptives, as long as I don’t call her a “slut”.

Is it O.K. (for budget planning reasons only) if I inquire as to how many cases of condoms and gallons of Anal Lube she’s likely to need?

By the way, Susan Sandra is not a 23 year old student, she’s a 30 year old activist who was directed to make her ridiculous statements by that old tart Pelosi. Michelle Malkin has the story.

Sandra Fluke is not a “slut.” She’s a femme-agogue tool; DCCC, Emily’s list fund-raise off of Rush

Business Insider ran a story on Fluke that included a brief biographical sketch:

…Fluke as a feminist activist. According to a bio on Georgetown’s website, Fluke’s professional background is in domestic violence and human trafficking advocacy. At Georgetown law, she is the former president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, an editor for the Journal of Gender and the Law, and vice president of the Women’s Legal Alliance. She has a bachelor’s degree in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality studies from Cornell.

Degree in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies? The ultimate “easy A” course. You can get into Georgetown Law with THAT?

But still, its wrong to publicly call her a slut, it is correct to call her a tool and a fool. Isn’t it isn’t it interesting the vile and degrading uses that Democrats will put their women to?

Update: She also co-authored an article in favor of the government forcing the Catholic Colleges to pay for Trans-gender surgery.

Obama on Iran: Too Much Talk of War

For once I completely agree with the President, less talk more war…

he wants to pursue a diplomatic route.

Oh!    Never mind.

What’s the truth about the unemployment numbers?

By John Lott & Grover Norquist

…While 1.66 million net jobs have been added during the Obama “recovery,” over that same time the number of working age Americans not in the labor force rose by 7.14 million. There is no comparable post-World War II “recovery” where this type of exodus has occurred. 

Look out your window, does it look like a recovery to you?

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