Sad Saab, bad tax…redux, TNEF is enough.

Tom & Ray Magliozzi / Car Talk

No parts for discontinued car? Time to improvise

Poor old guy with a 2003 Saab, I don’t understand why the parts shortage on Saab’s could be upon us to quickly. They just went bankrupt in December, this guy brought them the car then. Had Saab ceased operations and manufacturing months previously, let go all their mechanics, had the dealers ship all unused stock back immediately?

Very curious.

The job-killing med-tech tax

In November, citing the new tax, Stryker Corp., whose products include artificial hips and knees, announced that it would let go about 1,000 of its workers.

Earlier last year, Covidien, maker of surgical instruments, said it would lay off 200 workers in the United States and move production to Costa Rica and Mexico. It, too, cited the tax.

A tax on SALES, not PROFITS.

The tax will change these numbers for the worse. It will be levied at 2.3 percent of sales; on average, profits make up less than 4 percent of sales in the industry. The AdvaMed study concludes, “The new 2.3 percent excise tax will roughly double their total tax bill and raise the average effective corporate income tax rate to one of the highest effective tax rates faced by any industry in the world.”

Listen, (which is a forlorn hope from Congress) NEXT TIME trying reading the damn bills before you vote for them!

Visit this site to be informed of the new Federal Regulations that have been created for your benefit, remember, We are the Federal Government, we are here to help you.

It’s about time the federal government gave us, a helpful Internet portal that indexes the hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, regulations, and dictates that we’re expected to know.

The Problem: Microsoft Outlook sometimes sends a non-standard format (TNEF)

Several people, not mentioning any names, send me stuff with links, picture files and so-forth included. What I see is sometime odd placeholder lines or strange strings of letters and under attachments; Winmail.dat, or Win.dat or *.eml. But mostly its winmail.dat.

Now on the old laptop I used to do this blog on, I had a program that could decipher and separate the files, though it added several extra steps. That program doesn’t work on Win7.

Mostly the problem comes up when the email comes from within the corporate world through a nailed down mail server that doesn’t allow user access to the mail setup tabs. What that means to non-techies is that the “dicks” in IT prefer to have their users (read: field hands) open IT support tickets  instead of allowing them to make minor tweaks to correct the problem themselves.

One way around the problem is to cut and paste the material into another document, preferably in Open Source/Open Office format. Save it and then attach the document to the email.

[Meat loaf night, update this later]


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