“Red Tails” Skip it.

Red Tails and Tall Tales

…Does it matter that the 1995 movie is largely a Hollywood production based on now-discredited lies such as the “never losing a bomber” myth? Not really. Only a Tuskegee Airmen Denier—basically the equivalent of a Nazi sympathizer—would dare question the legitimacy of the “Red Tails” story. America has racially progressed to such a point that the mere thought of questioning the official Tuskegee Airmen story would be on par with a European asking if “six million Jews” really died in the concentration camps…

Report: Tuskegee Airmen lost 25 bombers

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — At least 25 bombers being escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen over Europe during World War II were shot down by enemy aircraft, according to a new Air Force report.

The report contradicts the legend that the famed black aviators never lost a plane to fire from enemy aircraft. But historian William Holton said the discovery of lost bombers doesn’t tarnish the unit’s record…

I’m not disparaging the service of any man who served in combat for the USA, especially anyone who flew against the German Luftwaffe.  I’d buy them a drink anytime.

But I guess it’s not good enough for Spielberg that these men served, they have to be something more than war heroes. Their exploits have to prove something, something that the left endorses which ain’t going to be military service. So the great battle, the main objective of “Red Tails” is how racist the US Military and America is.  And that’s why I’m not going to see this movie.

From the comments on the blog “Taki’s Magazine” on the article “Red Tails and Tall Tales”…

Mauro Cella

I, an aviation history buff, always wondered at the veracity of this myth. The USAAF went through a nasty learning curve to learn how to properly escort bombers over Germany. Numerous experiments and exercises were carried out before reaching the perfect formula. The Germans themselves didn’t just sit back and waited but kept on improving their tactics until lack of fuel, around the clock strafing of their airports, hasty training and the slaughter of the most experienced pilots broke the Luftwaffe’s back.
In this situation it’s impossible to believe a single fighter group just stepped in and proved invincible. Even admitting the Tuskegee Airmen were more skilled than others on average they had to adhere to the USAAF standard doctrine, use USAAF standard tactics, training and equipment. That meant they went through the same learning curve as anybody else. The legendary Marines squadron VMF-214 (Boyington’s “Black Sheep”) isn’t surrounded by a similar myth and produced 9 aces. Boyington himself, a hard fighting, hard drinking rowdy Marine flyer, scored 22 victories while leading the Black Sheep before having to bail out during a mission and spending the rest of the war in Japanese captivity.

Both squadrons were subject to Hollywood’s attentions. But while Baa Baa Black Sheep (starring Robert Conrad as Boyington) was halfway between war drama and comedy with no pretension of showing how things really went (and allegedly Boyington told Robert Conrad he wish he were twenty years younger so he could kick his cocky ass: interesting match since Conrad was by no means a sissy himself), Red Tails is nothing short of cheap propaganda. Screw all the countless hours poured in by countless men to improve USAAF tactics, screw all the men who gave their lives to test those same tactics, screw the advanced training routine. All it took was fielding a squadron made up of the “right” people who didn’t even need to go through a learning curve themselves since they were fighting for what was “right”: defeating the evil Nazi and, much more importantly, Jim Crow.

I know war films aren’t supposed to be accurate or anything but the big problem is Red Tails takes itself far too seriously. Even the gory, ultra-realistic German flick Stalingrad has some lighter moments thrown in to relieve the pressure on the viewer. But there isn’t much humor allowed in the august presence of the invincible Red Tails.


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2 Responses to “Red Tails” Skip it.

  1. CMrok93 says:

    The dogfights are fun but everything else is filled with corniness, lame acting, predictable story arc, and moments where the film feels like a video-game rather than based on a true story. A great story to be told, but told in a very poor way. Good review. Check out mine when you get the chance.


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