Car Talk, corruption, public at risk or same old, same old.

Tom & Ray Magliozzi / Car Talk

Concerning the dude with the flats, I’d move. Definitely.

Ten murderers hitting street with board OK

The State of Massachusetts starts out with very liberal judges known for giving all the breaks to the typical career criminal on trial or up for sentencing. On top of that the State Parole Board has in the past flung open the cell doors on over forty convicted lifers a year. This last year there was a bit of a shake up after a recently paroled life long criminal and murderer shot and killed a police-officer in the commission of another felony.

After a “shake-up” of the parole board, this year ten murderers are being released. (Off year I guess). This is why the people want the death penalty as a option, they can’t parole a executed man.

Governor Devel Patrick was a activist for prison inmates before being elected, and he got to “shake-up” the parole board. Plus, this advocate for the criminal class has attacked the Massachusetts Cori Registration laws, the laws that used to protect public from felons working in many sensitive occupations such as child care. Those are Patrick’s priorities. Added to the fact that the gun control laws are some of the toughest in the country (It’s also more expensive to get a gun permit with costs running over $600) these princes of crime are being released on a mainly unarmed citizenry. I take that back, citizens are armed, subjects are not.

Review of out-of-state casinos finds…

Beacon Hill has bet the house on casinos providing an economic boom, but in other states, the gleaming gaming palaces have brought political corruption, drugs, prostitution and other social vices — including some scandals involving gambling goliaths seeking to do business in the Bay State.

Potterville, we’re living in Potterville.

Best Comment of the Day:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to … regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development…”

Because nothing says “sustainable development” quite like government growth.

from The Coyote Blog.

4 risky places to swipe your debit card

Many stores and restaurants will place the laziest least useful employee at the cash register.

Why Unemployment Is Worse Than You Think

Hey Chuck, you should have a opinion on this one.

1,000 metal thefts every week as growing ‘menace’ blights Britain

In some areas, metal theft is reported to represent a tenth of total recorded crime while the British Transport Police now ranks the issue second only to fighting terrorism in its priorities.

The use of barbed or razor wire in England to protect personal property from theft is forbidden as the risk of harm to the thieves is not allowed.

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