What did he say??? Myth of the 99%, Administration agrees to curb anti-Islamic speech in US.

Hey, stop this dangerous candidate! He’s told the truth!

US presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich (whose Lazarus-like trajectory to the Republican nomination I flagged up here a month ago) has recently demonstrated yet again Melanie’s First Rule of Modern Political Discourse – the more obvious the truth that you utter, the more explosive and abusive the reaction.

Interesting, what’s really of interest is the reaction from Republicans who are going all medieval on Newt’s butt. I guess the contrast is extreme, after over ten years of murmuring softly; The Arabs are a great people, Islam is a peaceful religion, the Palestinians are just expressing their legitimate grievances against Israel.  There are times I thought the damn  Arabs and their religion had fifty Electoral College votes.

Wake up and smell the coffee, read the memo, listen to the radio! It’s not about them anymore, (No thanks to Congress) but we are approaching energy independence (cough,Shale Oil, cough), we’ve spent ten years kicking their ass everywhere in the world they have stuck their heads up and we have deployed a fleet of worldwide terminator robots to keep their heads down (blessings on the Dark Lord Cheney).  NOW IT’S ABOUT JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!  And a president who is the enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

DON’T GET SIDETRACKED! DRIVE OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE AND INTO HELL. (Hell in this case being defined as media consultant jobs on one hand and forty years of bad golf on the other).

Scientists kick off debate over barefoot running

First a opening statement from the barefoot advocate, “Ouch, ouch, ooh, eeck, ouch!!”.

Occupy Wall Street And The Myth Of The 99%

M. Todd Henderson is a professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

…Occupy has absorbed or been co-opted by various one percents. For example, in education policy, teachers are the one percent, while students and parents are the 99 percent. But it is generally the power of the concentrated teachers’ unions that drives decisions about education spending and policy. The fact that teachers unions support Occupy undermines its power. A true movement of the 99 percents would be on the side of students, not teachers.”

Excellent point. In practice, the Occupy movement has been the tool of the 1% of hard-left activists against the interests of the 99% of the people.

Islamic governments angle for speech curbs in the US

Hillary Clinton is on board with this, why aren’t you?


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