Last Week in September, end of Summer or begining of Fall

As with much in life, and on this blog, it depends on your point of view.

Serfs in Warrenville

In this country, is there any private property? Elizabeth Warren seems to think that all wealth flows from the government and consequently all goods derived from that, our own labor, must be at the disposal of that government. Stalin thought the same thing. To justify this wealth redistribution she blabbers on about “a Social Contract”.  This, in her mind, trumps individual rights. Well, nowhere in this country does anyone pledge allegiance to the social contract and the income redistribution for which it stands.

The Real Price of Made in China   Just found this bloggers site and I’m adding it to my blogroll, excellent.

After the fire, we re-built and of course had to re-stock and furnish the new house. With a lot of insurance money in hand we went shopping. Six years later, over a third of the “made in China” dishes, pans, chairs and whatever have broke or are looking very shoddy. Another third looks like we purchased from the clearance sale of the old East India Company. Makes you yearn for the fine workmanship and dedication to craftsmanship of Mexico. I’ve paid over eighty thousand dollars for the right to say this,“There is no price, no price what-so-ever, at which “Made in China” is worth it.” – John the River.

Jury Sees Rope, Pantyhose Used to Tie Up Girls in Deadly Connecticut Home Invasion

Also, a audio-taped confession of details of the youngest daughters rape and murder. Plus, the killers took pictures of their victims on a cellphone stolen from the family. The phone with the pictures was found on the defendant when he was arrested. Remember that in twenty years when these pieces of filth are finally executed and the liberal media start throwing mud on the “unfair” and “biased” trial held back in 2011.

Get a gun, get a gun for your children’s sake, get a gun to protect yourself and your family and never give it up. Don’t give it up to threats of attackers. Don’t give it up to threats of the police. Don’t give it up to the threats of politicians. Don’t talk about your gun, don’t tell anyone about your gun you don’t have to. Vote against any politician who wants to curtail your right to self-defense, IN ANY WAY.

Posted by John the River.

Greek Parliament Passes New Property Tax Bill

Greek property tax a band-aid, no long term cure

“Economists said taxing private property worth an estimated 400 billion euros by an average 4 euros per square meter is expected to weigh on the economy, deepening the recession by up to half a percentage point.”

Still don’t know if the tax is for just the structure or the land. If for the house and if my house was in Greece (I’d sell the snow thrower) then I would get a charge of 744 euros on my electric bill. The Greek government is slapping the tax on the electric bill because the federal tax system is so corrupt and inefficient.  If you don’t pay, you lose your power.


“violated several laws that prohibit possessing or carrying dangerous weapons and explosives.”

It is supposed to be generally understood that gunpowder, an explosive, is considered ammunition when carried in a powder flask or such. Less than a pound of gunpowder is not (unfortunately) going to blow up the White House Red Shed.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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