Trip to Nelson Memorial Park in Plymouth: Part One

Plymouth is a tourist town. That’s the business of the downtown and visitors come from all over the  world. A few years ago, Plymouth decided to turn over management of the parking in downtown to a private company. Unfortunately they picked the same nincompoops that run the parking for the MBTA. Anyone who has stuffed their money into one of the stupid slots of the pay-in-advance boards at the T parking lots only to get a ticket knows what that means. I, for one, stopped going to Plymouth. Good-bye Lobster Hut!

Imagine my surprise to find a new waterfront park with free parking half a mile from Plymouth downtown. The park has grass (the green kind you walk on), a kiddie water park, bathrooms and a snack bar. The forty-eight parking spaces can go fast on a nice day when the moms bring their little ones, but come in the morning or late afternoon and there should be a place available.

And how is this for a access ramp to the water? Water is very shallow, even at high tide and there is no channel. Fine for Kayaks, don’t think I’d try to launch anything bigger than a Hobie Cat.From here, both Plymouth Harbor and Duxbury Bay is within reach.Going North a bit.

Be careful where you walk, there are big gulls and little gulls everywhere.

Directly east there is a sand spit, called The Point or Plymouth Beach. On this bit of sand there are several bird species some people are fond of.

When I was young, (younger, I mean), my parents would go off to Plymouth to attend parties on the “Point”, via friends boats. I could never pry any details of these parties from them.  “When you’re older” they said. Hell, I’m almost Social Security age now! Give it Up!

To continue, the channel between Saquish and the Point is defined by the marker on the Point and Bug Light.

From Nelson Park to the Point is about 1.5 miles, the width of the channel is about one mile.

Next, from Nelson Park to Plymouth Harbor.

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