Unknown Caller

Here’s a subject I invite my former colleagues in Telecom to comment on. Since the National Do Not Call list started in June of 2003 most of us have signed up to stop those unsolicited calls from those who think they have some kind of right to interrupt our lives at dinner or bedtime or Saturday morning. For a while it got better.

Then, for me, about a year ago, the calls started coming in from “UNKNOWN NUMBER’. The other venue for disruption was the bogus 800 number with the name “UNAVAILABLE”. With no valid phone number there can be no compliant lodged with the national Do Not Call registry. The local phone company is supposed to permit you to block the call of anyone who calls you without sending their phone number (ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION). But that only works if the ANONYMOUS CALL feature is used to make the call. Many of you may have seen the calls coming into your home and wondered why? The answer is of course, these callers are scumbags crooks. How they are able to bypass the caller ID feature is another question.

If you are a homeowner and just have a phone line from the phone company, a company like Verizon controls the sending of your phone number when you make a call. If you are a company with a larger phone system you are connected to the central office (Verizon) with business trunks i.e. T-1, PRI, D3 or D4, VoIP, SIP or whatever they are marketing now. For these business lines you can control through programming the caller ID output. For legit companies the business reasons to do this are many; the company wants the main business number to be always sent instead of the agents extension, sometimes the department number is substituted, and for doctors and social workers often no number at all is preferable. The control is local, often at the address the business equipment is installed, and for sheep raping scum Telemarketers it gives them the ability to piss on government regulations and the public.

Technically the vendors of the business trunks have the ability to detect and block when customers are sending calls over their lines to the public network without proper caller id formatting, but they don’t want to spend time and resources policing their customers they just want to make money. And they will say, if they stop telemarketers in their area they will just move to another jurisdiction, even outside the country. Because of this problem a lot of people have dropped their land line and gone to using cell phones only. Well folks, I hate to be the one to say this but if the only number the rotting zombies telemarketers can reach you on are your cell phone numbers guess what number they will be calling next?

If this goes on, the US Post Office may be saved! The only personal messaging I will be using is a letter and stamp, with a trash can next to the mailbox for the junk mail.


About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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7 Responses to Unknown Caller

  1. Jim says:

    I have Anonymous Call Rejection turned on. I’ve been lucky that my house number hasn’t been called too many times by Unknown type calls.

    In the cases where I did keep getting repeat calls, I finally answered the phone and told the caller I was not interested. Most times, they would not call back again.


  2. The problem with answering the phone with telemarketers is the same as opening a vein while swimming with sharks, blood in the water. They now know your there.


  3. Doug says:

    We get the calls from a variety of BS #’s and it makes me yearn for the days of a free unlisted # after working at BOP. I think a n unlisted # is around $5 now. I just hate giving it to them.
    Excellent article, useful and informative.


  4. Unfortunately Doug, these days a unlisted number doesn’t work for long. A War Dialer is a device that will call every number in a exchange and record which numbers rang, which diverted to a recording and which got answered by a human voice, live or recorded.
    I was checking out Verizons site and read this; “Anonymous Call Block rejects most phone calls from callers who have blocked the display of their telephone numbers from a Caller ID device. Anonymous Call Block will not block calls made to you from outside your local calling area or through operator assistance.”
    So, I read that as saying ACR is limited to your local CO. And the point of my article is that business machines that don’t use individual private lines can spoof the public network.
    No answer back yet on my complaint to the state Dept. of Telecommunications.

    Update: Basically the answer was,”If we could understand what you are complaining about we still couldn’t do anything about it.”


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