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I’ve gone off on this before, to me this is the height of (our) governments stupidity.

We produce our own coal, oil and natural gas in this country, not as much of the oil as we use but the global market for oil is wide and the greatest problem today is the weakening US dollar.

But Obama’s  goal is to replace the internal combustion engine with hybrids and electric drive cars (union made). These need rare earth elements and lithium which we don’t got, and the nations that do possess large deposits are fewer in number. The largest supplier is China who doesn’t intent to ship the raw material our of their country.

As a photographer I buy Hi-power lithium batteries regularly, these batteries keep going up in price every year. They do not follow the normal pricing trend for high tech equipment, they do not get cheaper as their production is being sharply ramped up. John.

Hybrid Cars, Rare Earth Elements, and Supply

The problem is threefold: The demand is high, the supply is limited, and the major supplier is China–with Russia and Brazil controlling most of the rest. Oh, and China is moving to keep more of its supply at home.

Lithium Shortfall May Emerge by 2015 on China Demand.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Cory Maye To Be Released From Prison

Another blotched police drug raid, another criminal snitch putting innocents in the line of fire and in this case the result was a dead police officer. But the innocent victim of the raid spends ten years on death row. ENOUGH!

Taxing Clouds

Faraday was showing the British prime minster around his lab in order to solicit investment. The British prime minister considered that spending money on research on electricity was waste of public money. At that time, electrical power had not still come into use; only steam engines were used for practical purposes.

He asked Faraday. “Sir is the any use for this electricity?’’

Faraday smile and replied “Sir, you will soon be able to tax it.’’

Faraday got his funding.

SB7 has some good observations about risk:

Three stages of any project, 1. Enthusiasm 2. Disillusion and Desperation 3. Punishment of the innocent.

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