Survived a stroke at 39 plus the loss of both parents. Never lost her smile.

In 2004 we lost the house and everything we owned, except her smile.

The service was in Pembroke Center at First Church, the attendance was very good. Donie has spend the last 18 years after her stroke working as a volunteer with many different organizations. On her last week, she visited the old and housebound as  a “Friendly Visitor” ( I teased her that in HER case it should be a Silly Visitor), saw two elderly and blind ladies in Quincy as “Reader to the Blind” and worked one morning each week as office help with Elder Services. Many people remembered her, many people loved her. Her life was full and happy.

I loved her.

Found John and Donie old house

Thanks to old friends, John and Daphne, I have a copy of this old photo of the two of us at the old house (pre-fire).

5 Responses to Donie

  1. Ah! Dear Donie,
    I wonder who you lent our copies of HBO’s Rome (parts one and two) too. I guess I’ll never know.

    Thy husband, John.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss; Donie looks and sounds like an angel.


  3. David Inada says:

    David Inada (Donie’s brother) is in Hawaii right now (1/2/16) to put some of her ashes close to our Dad’s burial site an Maui Veterans Cemetery.


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