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Why Is The Vaccine Killing Our Young Men And Women?

I have long been interested in studying how pharmaceutical drugs injure people. Before COVID-19, while quite common, this issue was relatively unknown, because the media–which receives significant sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry–was rarely willing to cover this subject. Because of my interest, I’ve focused on trying to understand how the COVID-19 vaccines injure people, such as causing sudden adult death syndrome.

Presently, I believe the most probable culprit for the vaccine injuries is the spike proteins they produce. Almost all of the vaccine side effects I’ve observed have a mechanism that can be linked to a consequence of the spike protein, and the spike protein is the only common factor present in the following (all of which have overlapping symptoms):

This section caught my attention as it is the same questions I’ve been wondering about.

•Although there have been a large number of sudden unexplained deaths following COVID-19 vaccination, there has been significant pressure exerted globally against conducting the autopsies that otherwise would have been required. Nonetheless, a few pathology teams have independently conducted these autopsies and there are now many studies that have detected profound and highly abnormal inflammation directed at the tissues that likely accounted for these deaths. Additionally, they also developed a way to test for the spike protein in those tissues and found that the spike protein was present, but not the COVID-19 virus, indicating that only the vaccine could have killed these individuals.

The most recent study, for example, examined 35 individuals who died within 20 days of vaccination, 25 of whom were determined to have not had a pre-existing condition that could have caused their sudden death. Of these 25 fatalities, it was determined that 5 died of myocarditis (with 3 of those deaths almost certainly due to vaccination, and 2 others having a likely but not definitive link), while the other 20 had other fatal conditions commonly associated with spike protein vaccination (e.g., heart failure).

Long read, but if you are interested do it quick before it disappears.


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