2+2=5 in California

An appellate court in California has held that bumblebees are fish. . .

So this probably affects us out here in the ag fields.

It takes 35 pages of tortured logic in an opinion that reads like a parody, but the court concludes that bumblebees indeed are fish within the meaning of California’s environmental laws. I take it that all other insects, by the court’s logic, are also fish.I cite this decision as a warning to those who repose faith in our courts to check the excesses of the political branches. See also: Michael Sussman.

Bumblebee PDIS Pia2.jpgI’d imagine the point is to ban most of the commercial spraying of pesticides on farmland.  Organic you know is ‘goodthink’.   Get ready for anything grown in Cali to jump in price and drop in availability.


Fish (in California)


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