Baby Formula shortage is a Government plot.

Politico: FDA timeline shows bungling on formula shortage — but also months of inaction by Biden.

And the agency didn’t notify the Agriculture Department, which oversees a critical federal nutrition program that purchases about half of the nation’s infant formula, about potential disruptions until a week before the Abbott plant shut down. The program, known as WIC, serves 1.2 million infants from low-income families. Abbott supplies nearly half of all infant formula provided through WIC state contracts.


This is why there were shortages.

Without the government, which makes up half the market thanks to you being robbed of your tax dollars to pay for welfare handouts, there would be as many manufacturers of formula as there are makers of breakfast cereal, and with as many different selections.

You’d have national brands like Similac, discount versions of the nationals like Amazon’s, Equate’s, or Great Value baby formulas, smaller regional producers, and extremely local-small production run products.

And with the market spread across dozens of manufacturers, instead of just 3, then the loss of one producer would mean a drop of maybe 10% or less, instead of 33%.

This government created monopoly caused this shortage.

Mike McGowan


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