Shocking numbers on Athlete Heart Attacks and Deaths.

649 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 404 Dead, After COVID Shot

Hundreds of millions of people have had the vaccines and (so far) millions of people haven’t dropped dead.  As far as we know.  Is it that the athletes dropping on the pitch are hard to ignore?

There should be a video here, but the other problem I’ve noticed is that videos that suggest a connection to the ‘Jab’ are disappearing quickly.

This chart should not disappear.

Obviously this isn’t going to be investigated seriously until the Democrats are out of office.

This part is just me trying to think about this clearly.

Because TPTB (The Powers That Be) aren’t going to back off the aggressive stance that everyone MUST be vaxxed with every new booster for every new variant that comes along, then they are certainly not going to allow the release of the data on vaccine intolerance issues.  Which is why there will be plenty of wild reports from every point of the compass, rife with speculation.  Most of it will be wrong.

Personally I think this. First, that a small percentage of the population do have a problem with the vaccine, but the lack of a full testing phase gave us no warning.   Or second, that the cardiac issues being seen are the Covid virus itself since cardiac inflammation is one of the known effects of infection.  Part of this could be related to the non-symptomatic presentation of Covid infection as seen in a large part of the population.  But the virus is still present in the body.  Does heavy exercise and stress suddenly give the virus a chance to get the upper hand?  Speculation.

The reason I put this below the fold is that it just my speculation.  Again, if the full data and a comprehensive study was made by all the governments of the infected countries, and published, we wouldn’t have to guess.

In my case I do know that last July about three months after getting the vaccine and suddenly increasing my activity when my gym fully opened (biking in the morning and then  an hour and a half at the gym.)  I had my heart attack.   Mild one fortunately.  At the hospital I was tested for Covid and it was negative.

Again, speculation.


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