A not good, awful, very bad day; but there is a silver lining.

House Democrats stunned that they didn’t oust a single GOP incumbent.

“It’s a dumpster fire,” said one lawmaker, who declined to be named…. Democrats were already engaging in rapid-fire finger-pointing… Several centrist Democrats blamed their more progressive colleagues, saying moderates in Trump-leaning districts couldn’t escape their “socialist” shadow….

From the comments…

rcpjr said…

It could get worse for Democrats. Right now the GOP has won 185 seats. There are 52 races still to be called, and the GOP leads in 33. 185 + 33 = 218. That’s a House majority, folks. Cannot believe no one is talking about this.

Once again Nancy Pelosi leads the Party to a stunning victory in the House, and again that Party is the Republican Party!

Thanks Nan!

One more very important truth to take away from this election.  The Democrats (downticket) had a very bad day and yet their Presidential candidate may have won?  Mainly by historic voter turnouts in areas under their control that recorded 80%-90% levels of ballots received.  There is a phrase for that level of voting turnout;  “Statistically Impossible”.

The best guess to the solution to this mystery is if you realize that marking (extra or found) ballots takes time and the more names for other contests for office you mark, the longer it takes.  The ‘tell’ is large numbers of ballots marked only for the Presidential contest.

Biden says in video he has created ‘voter fraud organization.’

There was a theoretical nuclear weapon called the Neutron Bomb,  the military realized that it was a powerful weapon that did little physical damage but killed large numbers of people by radiation.  The problem was the it could take weeks for the enemy soldiers to actually … die.  In the interim they could still fight and would have nothing to lose.

The Dems dropped the Neutron Bomb on Donald Trump, but Donald Trump is still President, no matter what, for at least two months.  And he has nothing to lose.

And the horse may sing.

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