Why the Police Officer was not indicted.

The truth finally emerges about Breonna Taylor’s death

The truth has finally emerged about Breonna Taylor’s death this past March.  It turns out (surprise!) that the Democrat party — in Congress, in the media, and on the streets — has been lying.  Taylor was not a complete innocent whom racist police slaughtered in her bed during a no-knock raid.  Instead, she was the victim of her poor choices in men: her friendship with a local drug kingpin justified the raid, and her boyfriend’s decision to open fire on police who had knocked and identified themselves led to her shooting.

Read the whole article.

  • It wasn’t a no knock raid.  The officers had a warrant, knocked on the door and identified themselves.
  • A police officer was shoot and wounded by the male occupant before any police officers fired their weapon; i.e. fired in self defense.
  • Breonna was not in bed when she was shot (biggest lie of all), she was standing near her boyfriend when he fired at the police.  (not clear from the investigation, but the reason the boyfriend wasn’t hit and she was shot six times may be because he used her as a shield)
  • The lengthy prior surveillance showed that the apartment was a used as a ‘pickup’ point for drug sales, for months.
  • Breonna was only an EMT for five months, years earlier.  And her termination letter was marked “Do Not Rehire”.  (that happens when the ambulance comes up short on painkillers when inventoried)

If the Louisville and State governments hadn’t prepared for civil unrest in advance with the National Guard ready and waiting; the city of Louisville could have also been a smoldering ruin today.   That is another lesson to be learned right there.

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Police officers just came out of the Hall of Justice to put out the fires. One officer was hit with something and fell to the ground. Some in the crowd cheered. Officers retreated back into the building

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