Sweden…this can’t be believed!

Swedish police must put rapes aside – have too many murders to investigate

Swedish police are forced to use the resources to investigate murders and attempted murders and do not have the time and resources to investigate the many reported rapes, reports Nettavisen.

Reported rapes have been put aside for weeks, even when there is a suspect in the case, police say.

– It is difficult to explain why rape cases are put aside, but the other crimes are even more serious. It is two evils that we have to choose between, says Söderberg to SVT, adding:

– The worst thing that can happen is that the public loses faith in the judiciary. We must not come here.

This is, however, precisely where Sweden is heading when police are so exhausted that they drop investigating rapes, burglaries and petty crime, because people will eventually begin to take care of business themselves and vigilantes will emerge. And then there will be lawlessness at a grand scale, which will probably escalate to cultural tensions large enough to trigger a civil war.

It’s just a matter of patience, which at the moment is fading fast. Then, if civil war erupts, actually a very likely outcome when people are pushed too far, let’s remember that the Swedes are descendants of the Vikings, tough, relentless barbarians on the battlefield.

This last part is interesting.  (By the way, mostly it’s the new muslim refugees committing these horrific murders and rapes.  You knew that, right?)

So to trigger a resurrection of the Vikings, would not be very healthy for any opponents in war.

They seem to be saying that like it’s a bad thing?  I think that a few murderers and rapists caught and having the ‘Blood Eagle’ cut out of them would be a very positive step.

This just in…


“Has never experienced anything similar before.”

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