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A good’un.

Comments: Unhypnotizing a Clinton Supporter

Most of what you “know” about Trump is the picture the media has painted of him, which isn’t reality.

Business men know what it takes for other business men to be successful and there is no doubt that Trump is successful.

This is a concept that is difficult to impossible for non-business men (employees) to understand.

If Trump was as nasty as the media portrays him to be he wouldn’t be very successful at all.

I have dealt with thousands of successful and very wealthy people over several decades and with only a few exceptions most of them were very congenial, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and aware of the world around them. They were successful and wealthy because they deserved to be and had put in the tremendous effort to be so.

The longer a person remains in the position of a gov’t employee the nastier they become because the very foundation of that premise is nasty.

You don’t become successful by doing less, you become successful by doing more and when was the last time you seen that done by any employee?

Employees as a rule always try to do less.
“Don’t work too hard!”

When have you ever heard a business man say that?
But it is everyday talk among employees.
Even more so among gov’t employees.

Most people today would keel over if they tried to keep up with Trump. He gets more done in a week than most people do in a year, and he’s OLD!

Hell, when he was in his 40’s he must have been a holy terror, getting stuff done like nobody’s business – 10,000 balls in the air at one time.

His dad gave him a tool to work a business life way back when and he ran the hell out of that tool a million times over.

For the average “employee” if they would have received that tool they’d have been broke or dead in less than a year.

clintin has been a gov’t employee all of her rotten assed life. She does as little as possible and always keeps her eyes on the criminal side of life. If she takes command of the WH life in these US’s will be like you never imagined. The entire country will be forced to be gov’t employees – a life of despair for all.

If Trump moves his immense business acumen into the WH you can expect that hurdles and fences that prevent success will be lessened and eliminated and your chance at success will be greatly improved. After that, it’s up to you.

So prepare yourself mentally. The thought process of a business man is not like that of an employee. Business men are never off work completely, they are always thinking about it. EVERY person they meet is a potential customer and every thought is a potential opportunity at more success.

Trump isn’t the best this life has to offer, but he’s the next best thing available right now. And the people that do not recognize that are doomed to fail and deserve to fail.

Posted by ghostsniper at November 4, 2016 2:21 PM

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to From the comments at American Digest

  1. Dan says:

    Trump will be just as hamstrung as Obama has been the last six years. No significant legislation has made it through Congress because the GOP opposed anything the left wanted and Obama vetoed the handful of hills that passed he did not approve of. While the GOP still has a scant majority
    they cannot end filibusters so nothing the Dems don’t like will get passed. Trump will be impotent unless he does what Obama did…..act illegally via Executive Order etc.

    If he does the media whores will excoriate him as thoroughly as they covered for Obama crimes.
    He will be kicked and belittled by the talking heads all day every day and the brain dead left will lap it up….and Hollywood will help attack him via film, TV and advertising.

    If Trump obeys the law he will be a useless figurehead. If not be will be fried by the media, academia and everyone with an agenda. To succeed TRUMP really has only one viable path….the illegal choice of ignore the law, seizing power unilaterally and becoming the tyrant we are seeking to avoid.

    Since he will be sabotaged and handicapped by everyone and everything he will not win reelection and we will be stuck in 2020 with a Soros handpicked puppet…who will pickup where Obama left off.


    • Well, it is a ‘little’ better than that!
      Obama was perfectly happy to sit and watch the Republicans do nothing, it was to his benefit. Trump will not sit. He can and (I think) will lift large bloody pieces of their hides and roast them. In that, Obama had few press conferences, Trump isn’t afraid of the press and loves a pulpit.
      Obama cost the Democrats their control of Congress, we can play that game for two years and at the mid-terms the Democrats can lose Senate seats again. This time the GOP Senators that don’t do their job will face Alt-Right challengers in the primaries and those challengers will be urged on by President Trump.

      There is always an excuse for doing nothing, Trump the businessman understands that and he understands how to ‘motivate’ the team.

      “Live by the Executive Order”, “Die by the Executive Order”. Trump can EO the Hell out of Obama’s EO’s, tit for tat. And I think he should, and I think he will. We shall see.


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