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A Parent with Shingles Gives Chickenpox to Their Unvaccinated Kids

Despite the safety, efficacy, and availability of the Varicella vaccine, some parents inexplicably fail to vaccinate their children. Now, the CDC reports that a small outbreak has occurred in Michigan.

The outbreak began with a parent who was diagnosed with shingles on October 20, 2015. Despite acquiring first-hand knowledge of the pain and discomfort of shingles, the parent apparently took no significant action to protect his or her kids. One by one, each of the parent’s kids came down with chickenpox: One on November 3rd, two on November 18th, one on November 22nd, and another on December 3rd.

And it gets worse. The child who was infected on December 3rd gave it to three other kids on a school bus, one of whom in turn infected a younger sibling. All of these kids were unvaccinated, except one who was fully vaccinated. (No vaccine is 100% effective. The efficacy for two doses of the Varicella vaccine is 88% to 98%.)

So, one thoughtless parent’s negligence led to the infection of nine kids. And because the lifetime risk of shingles is about 1 in 3, statistically, three of these children will go on to develop a painful rash later in life. Let’s hope they grow up to be more responsible than their parents.

Chickenpox can be severe, before the vaccine was available, hundreds used to die each year and thousands hospitalized.

Our ‘Open Borders’ mean thousands of unvaccinated children and adults are streaming into this country.  For adults; death, blindness, facial paralysis, etc…

Shingles in adults can also have complications (from Wiki);

Although shingles typically resolves within 3–5 weeks, certain complications may arise:

  • Secondary bacterial infection
  • Motor involvement, including weakness especially in “motor herpes zoster”
  • Eye involvement: trigeminal nerve involvement (as seen in herpes ophthalmicus) should be treated early and aggressively as it may lead to blindness. Involvement of the tip of the nose in the zoster rash is a strong predictor of herpes ophthalmicus.[68]
  • Postherpetic neuralgia, a condition of chronic pain following shingles

Remember, if you never get Chickenpox, you can never get Shingles.  Vaccinate your children against Chickenpox (two separate injections) and vaccinate yourself against Shingles, one vaccine (51% effective) is available now, another better vaccine is coming next year, hopefully ( HZ/su vaccine).

How’s Anti-Vaccine Jenny McCarthy doing these days?

I’ll bet you didn’t realize that having big boobs made you a medical professional.

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