Hillary Rodman Clinton

Doug sent me this (below) earlier but I had trouble confirming it veracity, now ‘The Woodpile Report’ has published the same thing…

…so, What the Hell?

Via email from George Mellinger, a.k.a. Stogramov:

So the Dems had to pay actors to fill up seats at their convention & now we learn they paid Khan?

Khan was paid $25,000 by the Clinton campaign to speak at the DNC, the speech was not written by Mr. Khan, but by two campaign staffers, the copy of the US Constitution that Mr. Khan held up was bought only two HOURS before his speech by a female staffer, to be used solely as a prop and Khan returned the book after speaking.

5 Gold Star families turned down the opportunity to speak before Khan was contacted by the Clinton campaign. All five families were paid $5,000 and signed a non disclosure. Khan’s immigration law firm is in debt $1.7M and owes back taxes of upward $850,000 plus penalties.

CNN paid Khan over $100,000 to tell his “story” and repeated interviews across networks. Khan was given a bonus of $175k by the DNC for his effort in the media. The IRS has since put Khan’s tax file on a “hold” status.

Is any or all of it true?  Damned if I know.  However…

This is Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel talking about WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange:

“I mean, a dead man can’t leak stuff. The guy’s a traitor, a treasonist, and … and he has broken every law in the United States. The guy ought to be — and I’m not for the death penalty — so, if I’m not for the death penalty, there’s only one way to do it, illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

Good news, or Bad?

Danger and Play – Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms … It has almost certainly been treated with levodopa. Some of her symptoms may be related to this drug treatment… HRC’s instability and frequent cough suggest that her PD is advanced… cognitive problems can develop. In time, they become full-blown dementia.

Legally Blown…

FBI Mutiny? Feds Said To Launch Clinton Foundation Corruption Probe Despite DoJ Objections

While Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for Bharara, said he would “decline comment,” and FBI spokeswoman Samantha Shero said, “we do not have a comment on investigative activity,” we wonder if the unusual procedures and the tone of that comment suggests a mutinous FBI standing up to the politicized DoJ?

God help us. No, really.  It’s time for some Divine intervention.


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