The thing about Diebold voting machines…

Today this could be done remotely, no physical access required.   And, incidentally,  this is the reason that the decision to physically destroy the marked paper ballots (or the states with no paper ballot at all) the election officials might not even realize they’d been hacked, because the only record of the vote count would be the compromised machine.

In computer circles this has been known for decades.  No national election should make use of any electronic technology what so ever.

Stop talking about technological ‘fixes’ or protection for voting machines.   On your home or office computer and after decades of buying and using anti-virus software have we ‘Fixed” the problem with viruses? How many times this week has your flash software needed to be upgraded because it became vulnerable,… again?   But since the alternative is to write (or type) everything by hand, buy lots and lots of postage stamps and find other entertainment to replace the ‘funny animal’ videos (and porn); we accept the burden of chasing the illusion of security for our computers to continue using them daily.   But elections, especially Federal elections come around over the span of  years.    If it takes days or weeks to count and transmit the vote count, then so be it.
Paper ballots counted by hand!   Only!

Democracy gains no virtue by being ‘faster’ or quicker

“Sin in haste, Repent at leisure”.

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine

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