Equality, you keep saying that but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Sexual equality.  Gender equality.  Racial equality.  Wage equality.

I don’t think you understand the difference between Equal Opportunity and Equality of Outcome.  “Don’t you think that a man and a woman should get paid the same?”,  is the challenge.

If I am a man and I go to work at age 13 part time and continue to work through High School and College and get a job immediately after getting my education and if I decide to be the guy that always accepts the late shifts and works weekends.  If I agree to go on-call for after hours emergencies and travel for the company out of state and work on installations and upgrades through family holidays.  I have to be nagged into using my vacation time and always have days left over in my allotted sick/personal time.    Then, odds are, I am going to get more and higher raises, promotions, and trust.

If I am a woman and I go to work at 16, mostly babysitting.  I work while at College but take a year after graduation working with the Peace Corp or going on a European tour (that Daddy pays for).  Work for a few years before getting married and having children.  Work part-time when the children are old enough to spend part of the day at school.  Have more children. Repeat.  ‘Restart my Career’ after the kids are in High School.  In my thirties get to the place that many men started from in their early twenties.  And wonder why I’m not making as much money as a man the same age.  If that woman follows the male journey outlined above, she would be making the equivalent money.  If she had nice tits, more.

Blacks, Hispanics, or frankly today, any inner city young adult from the broken schools and neighborhoods complaisant with the thug and drug culture; with no work history, no basic reading skills and with the attention span of a gnat (but awesome at video games!) .  They also believe that the reason they don’t have any money, future or respect is ‘Male white privilege’.   And yet, they vote Democratic?

It’s equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.  It works much better if you are willing to and are able to make changes in the choices you make in life.  But sometimes the goal of the higher income and personal wealth isn’t the only thing that is important.  Children are more important (to some people),  low paid but satisfying service to the elderly and the poor can be personally more rewarding to others.  (Matthew 6:20…But store up thy treasures in …Heaven)  Funny how most people that work hard at careers that help others but pay very little are the ones that DON’T care about getting rich?  But the drop-outs, the drug users, and especially those with Liberal Arts degrees in ‘Gender Politics’; all believe they are being denied their true worth?

But when politicians promise equal ‘Results’ to those that don’t qualify for it they are really attacking the promise that actually is in the Constitution; Equal Opportunity.  That the people that have made the most of their opportunities and sacrificed their leisure and  time spent with their families and loved ones, followed the rules and attained a coveted place in the workforce should step aside to make way for another so a panderer (The Politician) can create a beneficence to bestow on a self aggrieved victim.

Equality of Outcome is theft.   Like Horse Theft…

…we HANG horse thieves.

Prickly City

Prickly City

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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