Scott Adams names the system we are using.

Ayatollah So

Posted April 14th, 2016 @ 8:21am in #Trump

In Iran you can vote for anyone for President so long as that person has been approved by the Ayatollah Khomeini. We Americans call that system a dictatorship.

Voters in America recently discovered that they live under an Iranian type of system and didn’t know it. In the primaries, voters participate in some sort of ritualistic placebo voting while party leaders select the candidates. In the general election, the richest and smartest of the elite use money and psychology to brainwash the masses into imagining they have independent opinions and that their votes matter. We call that a republic.

Everything was going fine until Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders ripped the cover off of the American system and showed it to be more illusion than democracy/republic. In a way, this is the first contested election in our lifetimes. And by that I mean citizens are trying to wrestle control from the big money interests driving the political parties.

Sanders probably has no chance. He will be super-delegated out of the nomination.

But Trump has improved his haircut and he started negotiating with Megyn Kelly for an interview. He also hired some campaign professionals who know what they are doing. You can stop wondering if he’s playing to win. He’s engineering his third act solution as we speak.

Thanks to social media, and Trump, America will get its first taste of real democracy. If it doesn’t work out, we can always go back to the Iranian model and hope for our self-awareness to diminish over time.

I’m not smart enough to know who would be the best president. But I certainly appreciate the richness of choice we have this election. We haven’t seen anything like this.

If you think my analogy about Iran is dumb, you should see my book.


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