Why I think that Donald Trump can succeed.

trump-lionDonald Trump is not a politician but he understands politicians (note: I didn’t say he understands politics).  It looking pretty sure that The Donald will go into next summer’s convention with more delegates than any other Republican.  Just maybe not enough for a first ballot win.  Since a lot of Trump delegates will be more connected to the GOP establishment then the ‘guy’ that brought them to the party it’s possible that the establishment will succeed in denying Trump the nomination.   If so, the Democrat will win the election in November.

(Hillary?  If she can stay out of jail that long)

Enough working Americans are already disgusted with the (only slightly better than D’s) Republicans that they will stay home in November.    If the rigging of the GOP convention is blatant enough then I think Trump will decide that his pledge to support the Republican nominee will be null and void.   If Trump runs as a third party candidate then I believe he will pull another ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ and out-poll the Republican candidate.  But the Democrat will win.

But if he gains the GOP nomination this summer then it’s going to be the dirtiest election in American history.  The left will pull every vote stealing trick in the book, the media bias and attack ads will be more vicious and libelous than any ads ever seen before and the violence in the cities and against anyone with a TRUMP bumper sticker, button or lawn sign will destroy any vestige of pretense that the Democrats and their left-wing are anything but the criminals that they truly are.

Why do I think that this is good news?  Because the one thing that the Democrats are not used to, their one weakness is when they are up against a fighter.   Trump has been called a ‘Junkyard Dog’,  he is.  His ads hitting back are going to be brutal,  his speeches will shout the unpleasant truths that the establishment Republicans (Note: insert picture of Jeb Bush here) don’t want talked about because it will show their own weaknesses and failures.  Donald Trump will be selling a product that he believes in, Donald Trump.  When attacked he will not whine uselessly as Republican candidates have in the past.  The garbage said by the left about Sarah Palins family (including her baby son and her daughters) will be surpassed in the vile, obscene things the media will countenance being claimed about Trump’s family.   The Donald will not cry, he’ll take the gloves off and when he does the Democrats will be very uncomfortably reminded that they have far more to hide than anyone else.  Chelsea’s ridiculously high paying jobs right out of a undistinguished College career,Michelle’s  hospital job and board memberships that are solely for the purpose of receiving pay-offs.  Bernies  history of activism in the cause of Communism,  his ‘honeymoon in the USSR’,  his embrace of every South American dictatorship on the left (irregardless of their human rights record) and his statements condemning the USA over a long period of time.

Which is why I expect that Hillary will not be on the ballot in November, her ‘legal’ troubles can and will be used to send in a ringer at the convention.  By that time the Democrats will hail that person as a savior.   It will make less of a difference to Trump than any other Republican candidate, all the Democrats have something that Trump can ‘get a bite into’.   And he will. Hard.  Because he is our Junkyard Dog.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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