Stupid Criminals and the MA Judges that release them.

Last year…

Two Charged in Armed Robbery; Weapon Found to be Replica

BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2015—A Needham resident and his Dorchester associate were arraigned today on armed robbery and related charges after they allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint while wearing masks, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

KOSTYA RAGIN (D.O.B. 12/27/95) of Needham and ANDRONIQUE DOSSANTOS (D.O.B. 2/26/97) of Dorchester were arraigned today in Dorchester Municipal Court on charges of armed robbery while masked and assault with a dangerous weapon. Ragin was additionally charged with assault and battery.

Assistant District Attorney Julien Mundele recommended $50,000 cash bail for each defendant, plus orders that they wear GPS monitoring devices and stay away from the location of the offense, and abide by a curfew if they post that amount. Judge Serge Georges, Jr., imposed $3,500 bail for Ragin and $2,500 for Dossantos, with all of the requested conditions of release for both defendants.

Judge Serge Georges, Jr.

A black judge appointed by (black) Gov. Deval Patrick in 2013.

This year…

(credit Boston Herald): Three stooges of crime — masked but still wearing their court-ordered GPS ankle bracelets during a Dorchester corner store robbery — were nabbed the same night in an apartment just a block away after cops tracked the dim-witted trio from the holdup to their hideout, a prosecutor said.

The height of their alleged stupidity astonished the store clerk, who had stared down the barrel of a silver .45 handgun during the robbery at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

“All these individuals did have GPS affixed to them. All their GPSs pinged to the store at the time of the robbery,” said prosecutor Marc Tohme.

Tohme said police are looking at whether the three men might be connected to a string of armed robberies with the same “M.O.”

“Three men, with three masks, armed with a silver handgun,” Tohme said.

Gun was real this year.  A reasonable person might ask why these dirtballs were still on the streets, but an informed citizen of the People’s Republic knows that our courts and especially Judges like Georges are all members of the same criminal conspiracy and brotherhood.  Massachusetts is probably beyond saving.

And I don’t go into Boston anymore.

If I’m wrong, then explain why those thugs were still not locked up where they belong.

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