Let me explain the ‘Inquisition’.

German mayor condemns New Year sex assaults as ‘intolerable’

And yet they tolerate it.  The Spanish Inquisition was a necessary tool to ensure that all traces of the Muslims in Spain were removed.  Because you can’t have any of those people in your society and not have the problems that Europe is having today.   And it will only get worse.

The mayor of Cologne condemned a series of sexual assaults in the western German city on New Year’s Eve, calling Tuesday for the perpetrators to be “prosecuted in the toughest possible way.”

Henriette Reker spoke after holding a crisis meeting with city and police officials to discuss the assaults.

Police say dozens of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed around Cologne’s main train station, next to the city’s famous cathedral, during the night from Thursday to Friday. At least 90 criminal complaints have been filed, including one allegation of rape.

“The actions of the perpetrators were completely intolerable, and so we expect them to be prosecuted in the toughest possible way,” Reker said.

According to police, witnesses described the assaults as being committed by men of “Arab or North African origin” who had gathered in large numbers near the train station.

Separately, police in the northern city of Hamburg appealed for witnesses who observed similar sexual assaults and thefts in the St. Pauli district on New Year’s night.

The German Green Party is still defending the ‘refuges’ and blocking efforts to expel them.

Cologne’s mayor said her city would step up measures to prevent similar attacks during the annual carnival festivities next month.

“We will also have to explain our carnival better to people from other cultures, so that there’s no confusion about the cheerful behavior in Cologne that has nothing to do with candor, especially candid sexuality,” Reker said.

Exactly why does Cologne need to ‘explain’ their carnival to strangers, guests?  If a guest can’t behave then you ask them to leave.   The next step:  The ‘New Inquisition’.   (applications are available by the door).

Oh! One last thought.  When the population of Germany last used to be roughly the same percentage of Jews, the most common ‘outrages’ of that minority were; selling or mending clothes and footwear,  drilling teeth (but in a nice way),  setting bones and prescribing medicine,  medical and physics research… etc.

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