Walking Dead, season six.

I avoided the show the first two seasons, when I did finally watch it I was so caught up on it that I went out and bought the available seasons on DVD and binge watched them all.

NEW YORK (AP) — A premiere Friday for the sixth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” at Madison Square Garden was so big and orchestrated, its stars attended a rehearsal that afternoon to prepare.

The event, which awarded fans with tickets via giveaways and sweepstakes, screened the season premiere and then held a panel with 18 cast members.

“It’s a giant arena with 18,000 seats and Led Zeppelin’s played here, I think Muhammad Ali fought here, so it’s really a special venue,” actor Austin Nichols said. “I’m honored to be here.”

The red carpet itself was moved inside at the last minute due to rain and wind, but that didn’t keep away the fans, many who dressed as zombies, or “walkers,” as they’re called on the series.

It’s on Netflix so if you are just starting to watch it you can catch up;  necessary, since there are so many characters and they loop back to old seasons to show how some things were started.    There are a lot of great characters and actors that have fallen along the way.  Almost no one is safe in this story.

I sent the first season to my friend with the CDC due to the fate of the CDC in the shows storyline, I don’t think he ever watched it.  The NRA has also taken notice of the zombie menace.

Zombie Industries sells $90 bleeding zombie targets. The human-scale targets can take thousands of rounds, and come in terrorist, Nazi, alien and zombie kangaroo varieties.

“The zombie is America’s folk monster,” said Roger Davis Jr., president of the San Diego-based company. “For myself as someone in his mid-30s — or even people in their 20s or 40s who grew up playing video games, it’s just a good time. A lot of the media don’t cover the fun-time aspect of the shooting sports industry.”

The best seller? “Probably the clown. People really seem to hate clowns.”

I wonder if Bob Hope is listed as an associate producer on any Zombie themed film or TV show?



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