Organic reasoning

20 Reasons Not To Feed Your Family Organic

Recently, Mommy-bloggers paid by the organic industry have been hitting the scientific and corporate communities quite hard, with fear campaigns and ‘if you love your children’ guilt trips. Even Hollywood stars are reading from the “Organic is what good mothers do” script.

Ordinarily, eco-religious feel-good pulp from the privileged classes is better left ignored … until mainstream media pick up on them and the marketing managers at large food and restaurant corporations begin to bow to FoodBabeArmy email campaigns.

When I read a rather weak, low-ball piece in Mamavation (“Changing Lives One Mom at a Time”) called “The top 10 reasons to feed your family organic”, I thought: “This is nonsense (albeit, made to make people feel good about themselves).” It challenged me to come up with some reasons not to feed your family organic and to make the point further I used the pro-organic campaigner’s approach – like emotional blackmail, such as “Are you a good mother?”

Here are the Top 20 Reasons Not to Feed your Family Organic:

The way I feel about Organic produce is the same way I feel about the State Lottery.  If some other idiots (who can’t do math) want to waste their money on it then more power to them.   However though I can get along quite nicely without buying a Lottery ticket, I can’t live without food and all that I can grow for myself is tomatoes and herbs.   Unfortunately Organic Foods raise the prices of all produce at the market.  First; what reason does a conventional farmer have to shave their prices if some idiot is willing to pay a 200% markup for an organic head of lettuce?   Then there is the argument that Organic is a religion and their religion is being forced on me (and you).

7. Research shows no difference, at all, in taste, health or safety
This one gets to the organi-gurus the most, especially as taste is an emotional sentiment and thus based on purely anecdotal perception. But in blind taste-tests, time and time again, people could not spot the difference. As far as health and safety issues are concerned, people will believe what they want to believe, but any studies not done by the organic industry lobby simply cannot ground that in evidence.As religion, it is fine to believe that, but don’t call it science.

Also when dealing with SJW, Progressives or the Liberal Elites, anything that starts out as a ‘preferred’ option for the ‘Righteous Gian’s’ soon is made mandatory for everyone.

Over my dead body.


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