How about now? No? Not yet, when then?

TENNESSEE TERROR: Gunman who killed 4 Marines in Chattanooga ID’d as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

Another TEAM attack… Tea Party Muslim that is.

So was his Confederate Flag on his shirt or his pick-up truck?

A “Lone Gunman”, again.

Every time (those few times) that a white nut murders innocents it’s a call for sweeping changes, stripping  American rights and freedoms, but only from the white middle class.  Even through he has no affiliation with any American party (well, other than the Democrats) or the Conservative movement.

When a Muslim kills while screaming Allah Akbar,  he’s a “lone wolf”.  He’s praised by all the Nations of Islam and all the Imans in all the Mosques in all the world (but quietly in whispers in those located in this country) but he’s a “lone wolf” according to the Magic Negro Barry.

God Damn all Muslims.


About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to How about now? No? Not yet, when then?

  1. John McB says:

    “…according to the Magic Negro Barry.” Actually, Barry’s not a Negro, he’s a mulatto. So maybe its better said “Barry, the magic muslim mulatto?” I’m just sayin….


    • Small difference. One thing that should be buried in the past is the whole classification system of birth and privilege. If resurrected today it would be used to put Negroes on top and the rest of us on the bottom; come to think of it, in college admissions it already has.


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