We know, they know that we know and we know that they know it…

This headline caught my eye

From prison, al-Qaida member points a finger at Saudi Arabia, renewing Sept. 11 questions

For years, some current and former American officials have been urging President Barack Obama to release secret files they say document links between the government of Saudi Arabia and the Sept. 11 attacks.

Now, unsubstantiated court testimony by Zacharias Moussaoui, a former al-Qaida member serving life in federal prison, has renewed the push by those who want a closer look into whether there was official Saudi involvement with al-Qaida and the Sept. 11 hijackers. They say it should start with the release of 28 pages relating to Saudi Arabia from a joint congressional inquiry into the attacks.

“We owe the families a full accounting,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts, a Democrat who has read the classified pages written in 2002. They were left out of the public version of the report on the orders of President George W. Bush, who said they could divulge intelligence sources and methods. Officials on both sides of the debate acknowledge that protecting the delicate U.S.-Saudi relationship also played a role

This is such a old and (in some circles) well known story that I initially skimmed over it.   Then I recognized that the byline was from the Associated Press.   That’s a first.

It’s said that George Bush protected the Saudi’s Royal House during 911.   Maybe that’s true.  Maybe for the oil that pre-Hydraulic Fracturing we still needed.   Maybe for the bases or the Middle-East influence or the reactionary counterweight to AlQueda.   Maybe it’s true that Osama bin Liden’s deep plan was to ignite a World War between Muslims and everyone else.  (Guy should have consulted a Bookie first…What are my odds?)  And if we stayed tight with the Saudi’s then that wasn’t going to happen.  Maybe those are the reasons.  Maybe some people, a decade and a half later, think they can second guess those decisions.  Maybe they can, maybe they have the right, Maybe.

But one thing is certain, anything that is done in these last 23 months of the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama is only being done for the express purpose of harming the United States of America.   Or it wouldn’t be being done.

Jordan-King-Abdullah-II-0004aAa-1038x936 0207151 NYT


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