The Ebola epidemic is, above all, a damning repudiation of the big government solutions so blindly embraced by Mr. Obama, particularly when it comes to health care.

Read the title, now can we have an Amen?


Obama Prepares for the Ebola Election

At every turn the past few weeks (months after the epidemic had become an acute crisis of global proportions), American voters have watched authorities within the administration spinning madly to minimize, downplay and dismiss a deadly, incurable disease already on the verge of claiming 4,500 lives worldwide.

Last month, White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest told Americans, “The risk of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is very low.” At the same time, he assured us that the federal government was positioned to ensure the virus would not reach the U.S.

Then it did.

After Thomas Duncan was diagnosed in Dallas, Mr. Earnest again assured us that the chances of further spread were “incredibly low.” Also, he told us that the president had “strong confidence” in Duncan’s medical care and insisted procedures were in place to prevent the spread of Ebola to any of the heroic doctors and nurses risking their lives to take care of him.

Later, that “strong confidence” gave way to a dead Duncan and two new Ebola patients.

Mr. Earnest also has assured us that the chances the virus mutates and goes airborne are “very low,” contradicting actual expert epidemiologists and virologists.

Mr. Obama’s CDC director doesn’t inspire any more confidence.

“We will stop it in its tracks,” Dr. Tom Frieden announced earlier this month after Duncan was diagnosed in Dallas. The CDC had “protocols” in place to “protect against further spread of disease.”

“We know how to stop Ebola & we will stop it here,” he tweeted.

The biggest question I have is why is it that every bureaucrat the Obama administration sends out to discuss this dire public health crisis is always spinning? Even those with seemingly scientific and medical backgrounds are unable to give straight answers about Ebola. It’s like they are all trying to pull something over on the American people.

So what is it out there that this administration finds so much scarier than Ebola? What else? An election.

Do someone pray for a inspirational metaphor to describe the Obama Administration?  Because it’s here.  Baldfaced self-serving pronouncements that are 100% political and usually wrong, check.  Life or death decisions that are based mostly on narrow politically correct logic, check.  They haven’t wasted that much money in the name of Ebola yet, but it’s early.  However before this all started the CDC (a previously excellent organization ruined by political meddling and appointments) blew through the billions in extra funding given to them by Congress on Shit That Ain’t Any Of Their Business.  I’d think twice before I’d give them more billions until I knew what they plan on doing with it.  No, Really!


The Ebola epidemic is, above all, a damning repudiation of the big government solutions so blindly embraced by Mr. Obama, particularly when it comes to health care.


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