Entitlement reaches new heights

‘Why did my uncle die of Ebola while every other patient treated in America has survived?’ Now relatives say Dallas virus victim Eric Thomas Duncan received ‘unfair’ treatment

  • Thomas Eric Duncan died at 7:51am on Wednesday after receiving no potentially lifesaving blood transfusion or ZMapp
  • He was sent home when he first arrived at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with symptoms of the disease 
  • Five other Ebola patients treated in the US are either cured or in the process of being treated at specially designed hospital wards
  • Doctors began giving Duncan an experimental antiviral drug on Monday, but it was too late 
  • Dr Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol received the ZMapp ‘miracle drug,’ though officials say it has since run out
  • Dr Rick Sacra and NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo have received transfusions of Dr Brantley’s blood

I mean it’s not totally surprising.  In retrospect we should have expected it.  But, Holy Mother of God!  The gall of that family!

‘No one has died of Ebola in the U.S. before. This is the first time,’ Duncan’s furious nephew Joe Weeks told ABC.

Weeks and others in Duncan’s family are calling his treatment ‘unfair,’ after seeing other patients pulled from the brink of death in government-funded evacuation planes and using life-saving blood transfusions and cutting edge drugs.

This Liberian lied to get out of Liberia.  He lied coming into the USA.  The stupid fool lied to the intake nurse in Dallas, omitting all details of his close, personal contact with the blood and vomit of a Ebola victim in Liberia.  According to the stories I’ve read he lied or omitted to tell his own family everything also putting them at risk.  Is that accurate? I don’t know.  But since Duncan’s family has decided to make this personal.  I suggest we send the bill for all the expenses that have been rung up by “Uncle” Thomas.  ALL the expenses.

  • The ambulance ride and the decontamination afterward.
  • The full costs of the ICU plus the costs of disposing of the hazardous medical waste afterward.
  • The Federal and States investigation and search for all the hundreds of innocent people potentially exposed by this persons perfidy and callousness.
  • Housing his ungrateful family in luxury after removing them from their apartment.
  • Decontamination of the families apartment and the buildings common spaces.
  • Any costs for treatment of any cases of Ebola occurring in Dallas or anywhere in the US due to Duncan bringing Ebola into the USA.
  • Cremation and shipping this asses ashes bring to Liberia.

Did I miss anything?

Item: ZMapp was a treatment in very short supply, actually it’s gone.  Plus we are back to the issue of “Informed Consent”.  That the individuals that did receive it were all educated and medically trained and so were able to understand the risks of an untested and unapproved new drug and give their consent.  Duncan did not qualify for “Informed Consent”.

Item: Blood from a recovered Ebola survivor. Just a guess, but I think everybody who survived and with his blood type were back in Africa.  Maybe he should have stayed where he was?

Item: Maybe he should have initially said to the nurse (the first time he went to the hospital), “I have been directly exposed to a Ebola victim, I have Ebola”.

Item: Pity he didn’t fly into Washington D.C. and take a tour bus to the White House and walk in the front door.

Item:  The nephew of Thomas Duncan gave this interview to ABC News which initially posted the story on their webpage.  That story has since been deleted.  Interesting, is it not?


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