Brick Klin Lane in Pembroke; 1966 & 2011.

Found an old photograph (but not the negative, unfortunately) of the remains of the old shipyard launching ramp from 1966 and the same spot in 2011 re-purposed as the Pembroke Town Landing on the North River.

In 1966 there is an dingy being rowed in by my father, our 17′ Amesbury Skiff is moored in the river behind him.  You can see the rails going down to the water and an old cradle which at that time was still in service.

In 1966 the old shipyard at Brick Klin Lane and todays town landingThis is what it looked like in December 2011.

IMGP0684 Launching point in December

1966 is so long ago that a citizen could go boating without the state trying it’s best to rob them blind.

Update:  I’m adding a photo from 2011 of the Herring River in Scituate in response to the comment from Will.

river at flood IMGP0732

This what you mean?  Can you see the bank of the river under the surface of the water?


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3 Responses to Brick Klin Lane in Pembroke; 1966 & 2011.

  1. Will says:

    Thanks for posting. These images remind me of home…waiting for the tide (must have been real high these last couple of days) and being mindful of it, so you had enough water to get back in. I do miss it!


  2. Unfortunately this year and especially this summer have suffered a drought. The upper reaches of the river, above the tidal bore, depend on fresh water flow to fill the narrow streams are starved for enough water. The recent two inches made almost no difference.


    • Will says:

      That’s a shame. We get the on-again/off-again drought action here, coupled with the ongoing water war with three neighboring states. The seacoast is five hours south, so that’s in a whole different environment, and we only get down there now and again. I was thinking of the “moon-tides” we would have, these past days, with the full moon. Sometimes there would be a foot or more water covering the entire marsh. You could run the old flat-bottomed skiff out slowly, bypassing the usual winding channel. Always amazed me, would come right up into the woods. I still go down that path there in my dreams…


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