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STEPHEN CARTER: The Islamic State’s Centuries-Old Strategy.
What the debate is lacking is a sense of history. And the historical antecedents do supply an early analogy to Islamic State — a warrior people who came out of nowhere, defeated mightier forces in battle, accumulated wealth and, in their bloody ferocity, terrified every civilization with which they came into contact.

A lively discussion ensued.   Lot of back and forth comment on the true level of the threat posed by ISIS, and this;

Civilization is based upon lifelong monogamous marriage. Once that’s abolished, attractive women indulge their hypergamous instincts by lavishing attention on the most attractive 20% of men, telling the other 80% to go screw themselves. This is not without precedent; it’s happened to every civilization that achieved two or three generations of physical and nutritional security.

Along comes a horde of barbarians, saying “join us, and when we win, you’ll get a 12-year-old virgin bride to do with as you please”, a big chunk of that 80% switches sides, and the feminist utopia disappears in an orgy of rape and slaughter.

My comment.

“Once that’s abolished, attractive women indulge their hypergamous instincts by lavishing attention on the most attractive 20% of men, telling the other 80% to go screw themselves.”

Add to that. It’s an appeal not limited only to the areas only under the shadow of the barbarians, hence the inflow of western born adherents holding western passports. In fact it’s the areas most exposed to the “Feminist Utopia” that the supposedly westernized Muslims are coming from. They can have them.

In a match of the Puritan Roundheads against the Turkish Sipahi, I’d bet on the Roundheads. But neither would show much mercy towards the,

club. More’s the pity.

Or these dolly’s,  who only perform their nudist rebellion behind the shield of scores of local police, their countries intelligence services, the armed might of NATO and the millions of American Armed Forces around the world.

That’s an eroding shield, at best.


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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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3 Responses to Reblog: Over at InstaPundit

  1. Will says:

    Well, I figured there’d be a raft o’ comments after the titty shots. Me, I ain’t been right since I saw Sophia Loren in that movie when I was a kid, the one with Clark Gable, the name escapes me now…anyhow, I’m shot, exhausted. Every year on the anniversary, I type out my thoughts, about that day, reflect, etc. Every year I get the same blank stares. I forget which Arrondisment (sp?) the Eiffel Tower is in, but it’s not yet in the “zones sensitive”. Yet. I can bet though, that on the periphery of that image, there are some scowling cabbies, muttering about that display, heading off to the evening kneel, biding their time.


    • As I said, flashing their bits behind a disintegrating shield.

      There was a piece last month about a university seminar on Race; they had white students experience a slave coffel, matched along in chains and neck yokes (?). Well. If we actually revert to type under the pressure of all this provocation there will be chains but whites won’t be wearing them.


      • Will says:

        Yes, yes, I think I saw an image of something like that a while ago. I don’t read everything I see, (which is too damned much) and try to distract myself with other things, so as to keep the rage manageable. I probably skipped over that particular outrage owing to the fact that I used to know people who might participate in such atrocities. Oh the shame!


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